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Video Demonstration

A Brief Explanation

The new HydrauLink is now available to the public and is better  than ever! Take a look at what it can do for you.

Adjusting HydrauLink

An Extended Explanation

This is a video of our original prototype HydrauLink. It's not as streamlined as our latest model but it still works even now. The basic concept of HydrauLink's design hasn't changed so this video can still offer some valuable information.


Many people have asked about adjusting HydrauLink. How do you change the pitch of the implement? How well does HydrauLink work? What about tough jobs? Can HydrauLink measure up?

US Patent Pend. 61 / 180,928

Most top links are difficult to manage, often requiring large pipe wrenches or long steel bars to adjust or install. Since it is necessary to adjust these connections frequently to keep the attached implements working properly, much time and effort is lost on the job. Before now, the only solution to the old screw-type system was expensive hydraulic rams that had to be permanently installed to the tractor. Not anymore. HydrauLink can be installed without tools in about three minutes by one person. What's better is that the air over hydraulic system used by HydrauLink greatly reduces the need to adjust frequently. The air in the system delivers a cushion allowing implements to self adjust to a small degree. More dramatic adjustments are easily made on the valve requiring only two fingers to get the job done.

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